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  • 4+ Hours of In-Depth Content

Members will enjoy over 4 hours of carefully crafted instructional modules intended to take your archery accuracy, proficiency and education to the next level. Rod Jenkins and Jimmy Blackmon combined have won numerous National and World Championships with the single string bow and have coached countless others to the top of the podiums. This knowledge has been meticulously filmed, edited and delivered to members in an easy to follow online program.

  • Shot Process Instruction, Training Programs, Hunting Tips and Tricks and Much More...!

Join Rod Jenkins and Jimmy Blackmon as they thoroughly explain each and every step of a proper archery shot. Rod and Jimmy's approach to shooting and coaching is extremely unique, not found anywhere else. Watching them work together and play off each other's instruction is something special. Members will come away from this program with a complete understanding of how to shoot a well put together archery shot, but most importantly they will know how and when to train their body and mind to get to the next level.

  • Continuous Updates & New Content

"ROOTS - Rediscovering the Foundations of Archery" is a living and breathing instructional course. Members will enjoy a continuous upload of fresh new modules containing additional content and archery advice.

  • Embedded Q&A Forums

There is an open forum within each module in the ROOTS online academy. This is a semi-live discussion directly with Jimmy & Rod and other students intended to go deep into the subject being discussed within the module. This forum discussion is viewable by all members and everyone can participate!

Course Curriculum

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  Aiming & Expansion
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  Putting It All Together
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  Camp Fire
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"If only I would have went to a Rod Jenkins clinic early on, it would have saved me so much grief. The third time I tried traditional archery, a friend gave me a video with Rod Jenkins in it. In just a matter of minutes my whole archery life was changed forever. I now have a method to shooting the bow. That was in 2009...

I started seriously competing in 2010 and 9 years later I've won a Gold and Bronze medal for Team USA in France and Canada, 9 IBO World Championships, 5 IBO Triple Crowns, 3 back to back IBO Grand Slam Awards, multiple Shooter Of The Year Titles from IBO and ASA and the first recurve Barebow Archer to win Vegas since 1974. (Plus multiple other awards)

The most important thing you need to spend money on is coaching from Rod Jenkins."

- Dewayne Martin, World Championship Barebow Competitor

Multi-time US Archery Team Member

"Rod Jenkins is an archer that has always examined and explored the technical aspects of shooting technique. Through decades of experience and research he has acquired a wealth of knowledge to share on form as well as the mental side of the shot. Rod is not only a good shooter; he has the unique ability to transfer his knowledge to others and inspire them to work toward their goals. This is the mark of a great coach, Rod doesn’t try to force his students into a single one size fits all mold and nothing gives him greater pleasure than to see his students improve and excel.

Rod helped thousands of archers improve with his teachings on the Masters of the Barebow shooting instructional DVD series. He has also boosted my writing career and inspired many others by letting me interview him countless times to provide solid shooting advice in my bi-monthly columns in Bow & Arrow Hunting magazine. Rod is a trusted friend and his instruction has increased my knowledge and shooting to lofty new levels. Rod’s teachings remind me of the style of Al Henderson; one of the very best coaches in the history of USA archery."

- Denny Sturgis Jr., Traditional Vision Quest

"A few words about Rod Jenkins. Just about a year ago I was struggling. Completely self taught and still making enough mistakes that one week I could shoot great and the next week I couldn't hit a barn standing in it with the door closed. So I swallowed my pride and spoke with the competitors whose opinion I valued most.

Without exception every one of them said go see Rod. So I did. And I can tell you I learned more about traditional archery in ten hours than I had learned in the last ten years. Truly the best money I've ever spent on my love of archery and I wish I would have done it years ago!!! Rod makes it simple to understand and gives you a step by step process to make you a more consistent, more accurate shot. I can't recommend him enough truly. I had my best tournament season this year to date and made the US SHOOTING TEAM as well. What a difference a day makes!! Thanks Rod Jenkins, you truly are the man!!!"

- Matt Cranmer, US Archery Team Member

"When I first met Jimmy I had target panic about as bad as a person could have it. I stand 6’6” and was drawing 25” on a good day! Now, after lots of hard work and determination, with the help of his coaching I’m shooting lights out and have a draw length of 32”. I can’t say enough good things about this guy and his approach to the bow and arrow!"

- Will Harrison, Singer / Song Writer

"I have known Jimmy Blackmon for quite a few years now, and have spent time with him on the archery range, as well as several frosty mornings in the deer woods. I kept in touch while he was deployed with his troops in harms way, and also was there at his final rank promotion when he was honored by the Commanding General of the 101st Airborne. I was especially impressed when after the general’s presentation, Jimmy dropped to one knee so his children could also apply the insignia to his uniform!

Jimmy personally helped me years ago when I was struggling with my own archery technique. I had developed what archers refer to as “Target panic”. With Jimmy’s help, I totally changed my shooting style to more in line with the Olympic style of shooting, which I am still practicing today."

- Greg Bagwell, Successful Bowhunter

"The opportunities to compete with Traditional Archery equipment or Barebow equipment have never been greater. We are witness to a moment in archery where Traditional Archery, as a sport, has gained a foothold at or near the highest levels of Archery competition. At this moment, some have described as a renaissance of sorts, there has arisen great many Traditional Archery coaches and instructors. Among this community of great coaches and instructors are a select few that did not simply arrive with the movement no these few men and women built it. Rod Jenkins and Jimmy Blackmon are two among the few whose effort and affection for archery were seminal to the Barebow movement.

At Lancaster Archery Supply I have been afforded a literal and figurative front row seat to this movement. I've experienced NTS archery instruction, I was among the last and final class to receive the NFAA’s highest level Master Coaching Certification. It is from this vantage point that I evaluate and recommend coaches and coaching for those who wish to learn the sport or to grow and succeed as archers and bowhunters. I have found that good coaching is rare. It does not arise spontaneously and good coaching is an amalgamation. It is a product of prior instruction that has been refined, recombined, and reapplied.

How we can best position our bodies and focus our minds to complete perfect archery shots is no mystery in fact the principles are quite simple and well understood. A book or a web search may reveal as much to any who are in search of it but the best information or most useful bits of information for each of us may not become apparent, may not be distinguishable from the noise, without the guidance of a coach with experience and wisdom. Rod Jenkins is one of those special coaches who understands archery as intimately as he understands people. Rod sees clearly the entire landscape of an archery shot but with grace and wisdom knows how deliver only the spoonful size bites of information an archer is able to consume.

To shortcut the route to success as a competitor or as a bowhunter a good coach is invaluable. Traditional Archery is in many ways discretely different from other styles of archery. I have yet to meet a good coach of who does not have great experience as a competitor or bowhunter and I have met few coaches who have more combined experience, bowhunting and competing, than has Jimmy Blackmon.

We are fortunate today to have a long list quality of coaching available for those with the desire to learn and grow in Traditional Archery. All available instruction is valuable but make no mistake there are coaches whose experience and wisdom make them more valuable and able to help us reach our goals. Rod Jenkins and Jimmy Blackmon together rise to the top of that list."

- John Wert, Lancaster Archery Supply/ TradTech Archery

Your Instructor

Rod Jenkins & Jimmy Blackmon
Rod Jenkins & Jimmy Blackmon


Rod Jenkins has spent a lifetime involved in shooting sports and has achieved multiple World and National Championships in three different shooting disciplines, but was always drawn to his real love of Archery and Bowhunting.

As a teen, Rod's inability to perform under pressure was the driving force in seeking out not only winning archers, but top coaches to develop superior form and the mental toughness needed to compete on the highest levels.

Even though Rod is a fierce competitor, in time it became obvious that his real talent was teaching others to reach their true potential. In 2009, Rod started conducting his Archery Clinics on an International basis, along with private individual coaching. Since then, his shooters have won a remarkable amount of World, National, and State championships, along with producing countless confidant Bowhunters.


Jimmy is a retired army colonel, author, speaker, and executive coach. Jimmy’s passion is in helping people become the best version of themselves possible. To that end, he coaches business leaders, runners, and archers.

Having won the IBO and IFAA World Championships and having made a U.S. Armed Forces World Cross Country Team, Jimmy understands what it means to compete at the highest levels of sport. However, today you will find Jimmy in the woods more often than on the shooting line. Jimmy has killed over 100 deer with selfbows, recurves, and longbows. He once killed thirteen whitetails in one season with a single string bow. From building a solid and repeatable process to executing that high pressure shot when it counts, Jimmy is sure to help you raise your game.

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