JD3 Barebow Instructional Course

A complete instructional course covering - Barebow Competitive Archery

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John Demmer III
John Demmer III

John Demmer III, multi-time national and world champion, has been through every stressful barebow situation that an archer can experience. Including but not limited to; The Vegas Shoot, The Lancaster Classic, IBO Championships, NFAA Championships, WA Field World Championships, The World Games, and drawing his bow back on game animals. Through many failures along his road to success, John has found a way to consistently stay in the hunt for, or reach the top of the podium.

His only regret in archery was not finding a good source for premium knowledge & information early in his shooting career. This could have prevented a lot of frustration and wasted time learning through trial and error. John has a passion for helping other archers reach their potential, increasing the skill level of the competition and growing the number of participants in Barebow Competitive Archery. Through that passion the JD3 Barebow Course was born.

Some John's accomplishments include but not limited to:

  • 2 Time Lancaster Classic Champion
  • Vegas Indoor Champion
  • Multi-time IBO Champion
  • 7 Time NFAA Champion
  • 9 Time USA Archery Champion
  • World Games Silver Medalist
  • World Archery Silver Medalist
  • World Archery Gold Medalist


In this course, multi-time world & national champion barebow archer, John Demmer III, shares with you his knowledge about barebow competitive archery. This course was designed to take you into the mind of one of the most decorated US Barebow Archers to ever play the game. Subjects covered in this instructional barebow course include:

- Barebow Equipment

- Tuning + Discipline Specific Tuning

- Physical Form

- Mental Control

- Strategy for various Archery Games

- Indoor, 3D, Target & Field Archery

- And more... Over 5+ Hours of Instructional Modules!!

Continued Coaching:

When you purchase this course, each lesson allows for student comments, questions and conversations to take place right inside the lesson. John Demmer will be regularly answering questions and chatting with students inside his course, viewable by all enrolled students!

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